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solid polycarbonate sheet



Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate Sheet, the epitome of ultra-tough, clear glazing materials, finds versatile applications in machine guards, anti-vandal glazing, and riot shields.


Strength and Durability

While not totally unbreakable, Polycarbonate Sheet is approximately 250 times stronger than glass, making it one of the toughest materials available.

Brand Names and Grades

Also known as Lexan, Paltough, or Makralon, Polycarbonate Sheet offers various grades tailored to different applications.

Marguard Grade

Marguard, the scratch-resistant grade of Lexan Polycarbonate, is ideal for race car applications. Its hard coating allows easy cleaning and reduces scratches, extending window life.

Notch Sensitivity and Thermal Expansion

Polycarbonate Sheet is notch sensitive; drilling or notching reduces its impact resistance in those areas. Thermal expansion should be considered in applications where temperature changes are expected.

UV Resistance

Some grades of Polycarbonate Sheet offer improved UV resistance for external applications, while non-UV grades are suitable for internal use like machine guards.

Chemical Sensitivity

Standard Polycarbonate Sheet is sensitive to chemicals and acids. Cleaning with mild solutions and avoiding dry dusters or cloths is advised, particularly for Lexan Marguard grade.

Flexibility and Curvature

Polycarbonate Sheet can be bent along a curve within reason, while Lexan Marguard grade's hard coating provides an advantage in this aspect.


Specialist Fabrication of Polycarbonate Sheet


Pre-bent or curved Polycarbonate sheets typically require specialised fabricators due to their complexity and potential impact on the coating's flexibility.

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