Island Plastics

Island Plastics

Having a place that deals with plastics by your side is great, and having it nears you physically is even better, because you always know where to turn in case you need plastic for any of your works. Island Plastics is a company that works with various types of plastics, and in case you’re interested in it, but are not quite sure what the company does, we’re going to help you out. So, sit back and read, and then decide if this company has what you need. We already know that this company deals with plastic, but not exactly what it does, and all that is going to change now

Order Cut To Size Plastics

This company is one of the best plastics-related company in the sense that it does the job online, and is not really all that expensive like the other ones. It deals with various types of vinyl, acrylics, or polymers, which can be delivered to the customers in the shape of a rod, a tube, or a sheet. It is also worth mentioning that all of the plastic coming from Island Plastics comes cut to size you want, and gets delivered to you straight to the address you specify.

Get A Cut To Size Plastic Quote

When it comes to the type of clients that we supply with plastic, they vary in all forms: they can be both business or domestic type of clients, they can be clients wishing for a common plastic item, like a kitchen splashback, they could be clients wishing for some replacement glass for their greenhouse or their shed, they could be clients in need of some picture frames, display cases, table top protectors, or any other type of plastic out there. SO, as you can see, our client base is really diverse.
Also, the acrylic sheets that you can order from Island Plastics can be delivered to you in various colours, or if you wish, it can be translucent and opaque, it can be transparent, frosted, or a fully clear piece of plastic. This company’s diameters include a various different types of acrylic rods, acrylic tubes, or the bubble effect rods.
Due to the fact that you get everything cut to the size you want and need, you’ll be saving a lot of time and sparing yourself a lot of hard work. All you need to do is to take some precise measurements and send them to us, and then we are going to cut the plastic you need so that it fits perfectly into whatever it is you need to install. However, we need to say again, that the measurements have to be completely precise!

Plastic Discs

We have already mentioned that the Island Plastics supplies acrylic, but it also deals with Perspex, acrylic mirror, polycarbonate, and even the PVC foamboard. This company, unlike most others, cuts plastic to the size you want and need, and also sells coloured plastic discs that are just great if you wish to decorate your home, or do a “do-it-yourself” project. You can also use those and some light diffusing opal acrylic and make shower screens for your home, or something similar.

Plastic Sheet

It ought to be noted that every single product made by Island Plastic is a durable product that is of great quality, that is highly weather resistant, and that can be ordered in all shapes, widths, lengths, and thickness. The acrylic that this company manufactures is being made by an extrusion process in which the acrylic pellets are being heated up and then drawn out in order to form a one big sheet of plastic. The sheet of plastic that comes out of there is amazingly durable and hard wearing, and could then be cut to any size we want, and can even be reshaped later, using the heat. As we have already mentioned, the plastic is highly weather resistant, and can be used both in the outside and in the inside, and the tests done to this piece of plastic indicate that even after 10 years, it shows no significant changes or wares!
The acrylic that gets extruded can also be formed by using the vacuum, which is the better choice if you wish to form your piece of acrylic into something a bit more complicated, or a form that is a bit difficult to achieve by using heat only.

Acrylic Rods

The acrylic rods that the Island Plastics company sells come in all shapes and sizes, and in all forms as well: they can be transparent, they can be coloured, they can be opaque, or they could even have a metallic look if that is something you’d be interested in. These amazing plastic rods can later be used for various things, for both your work projects, as well as for your hobbies. Also, it should be mentioned that these rods do not necessarily have to be round, they can also be square.
Besides the fact that these rods come in different shapes, they also come in different sizes and can be cut to the length or the diameter that you wish, but the most important thing about them is the fact that they can easily be bent or curves to fit your needs! They can have a high gloss finish, can be lightweight, but also really durable and strong! They are shock resistant, meaning that they can be used both inside and outside.

Acrylic Tubes

The acrylic tubes that this company makes and sells are available in various colours, can be opaque, could also be clear, and what needs to be noted is the fact that it can be ordered in the specific thickness or width you need. They are being cut to the measurement you need, and can also be curved or bent to your desire. They have a high gloss, but could also have a frosted finish, which is just great for indoor uses, but is no way limited to that alone. Just send your measurements and